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We offer solutions for every IT need, whether you need supplemental support or a turnkey IT operation. Learn about our services below.

Co-location means moving one or more of your servers to a separate facility for the purpose of hosting. Hosting includes DNS hosting, email SPAM filtering and encryption.

Benefits of Co-Location

  • Additional safety and security – Your servers will be installed in one of our secure APC NetShelter enclosures. 
  • Added redundancy – Back up servers can be installed at our facility and configured as a failsafe. Should a natural or other disaster occur, your data would be re-routed to your backup servers at our facility.
  • Lower operating costs – If your business does not offer adequate space for servers or if you and your employees work from home, it may make sense to move the servers to our facility. We are able to configure virtual private network (VPN) access to you and your employees.
Should a natural or other type of unexpected disaster occur, ceasing your IT operations, we offer solutions to recover and continue your business via backup, redundancy or replication. Each solution offers different advantages, which we will discuss with you in the decision-making process. Backing up your data involves copying your data into a secure, virtual environment. Your data is encrypted, compressed and de-duped before going into storage on or offline.
We provide support, troubleshooting and issue resolution via phone, remote access or on-site support. Common issues include computer setup, email configuration, connectivity issues, software and hardware installation/maintenance, general maintenance and repairs, virus control and removal. We offer a client portal for ticket submission and tracking.
Our professionals can design and install an efficient, flexible data network for your business. This translates into ensuring safe-guarding your network from unauthorized users, eliminating bottlenecks which may hinder network performance and making sure the network is reliable.
A fresh start in a new location can do great things for your business but can quickly become extremely stressful. Alleviate the stress with effective planning, organization, vendor selection and management. We will run cable in the new location and configure your workstations and the network and ensure everything is connected and running properly. We will also work with other technology vendors, such as phone and Internet companies so everything streamlined and running smoothly.
Remote support enables us to provide on-demand support to your network or workstation so we can quickly access any issues without you having to wait for an onsite visit. Using our ticketing system, you are able to submit a ticket and track it throughout the troubleshooting process.
An ever-increasing amount of security breaches makes it more important than ever to defend your network. Our team offers proactive risk management and security processes to protect your business from vulnerabilities. We perform regular security audits and provide firewall setup, data encryption, policy management and disaster recovery, among other security measures.
Our team will conduct in-depth research of your business and IT needs so we’re able to recommend the proper solutions. This includes assessing your current network and environments, identifying areas of opportunity, recommending individualized IT solutions, implementation of recommended solutions and maintenance of your systems so they perform at optimum efficiency.
We offer third-party procurement, management and research services for all your computer, network and fringe requirements. We leverage partnerships with leading IT hardware and software suppliers to access broad product inventories at competitive prices.

Vendor Research

We are able to offer a different perspective when evaluating and researching vendors due to our industry expertise. We protect your interests by researching price levels and identifying opportunities to build upon existing relationships.

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